Join us in carbon drawdown!

  • Offset your travel. Use this tool to find your one-way flight distance. Multiply by 2 for return trips, then multiply by €1.70 per 1000 km travelled (or $3.1 per 1000 mi). For instance, a London – San Francisco return trip is offset with us for €29 ($33). While the assumed accepted offsetting period is long (30 years), you may offset your travel faster by having us plant more trees. For QConference visitors, click the yellow button.
  • Offset your project or organisation. We can help you estimate how many trees would neutralize your total carbon footprint.
  • Give a tree. Surprise someone with trees growing in their name for decades to come – in Greenland!
  • Set your legacy. Your name will be added to the signage and time capsule we establish in the forest that continues living after our time.

Please send us an email if you’d like to receive a Greenland Trees certificate (pdf) detailing the magnitude of your donation and/or its purpose – especially if it’s a gift to someone else.

In most cases, donations are tax deductible as a charitable contribution. But for U.S. citizens that want to make tax deductible donations: please do so through KBFUS, or just make your non-deductible donation here: