A call to action

In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, humanity urgently needs to draw down atmospheric carbon. Our charitable organisation, run by scientists, captures atmospheric CO2 by planting forests in existing plantations, in a degraded former military base, and in urban areas, all in southern Greenland where trees thrive today. Support us and your trees will stand beside ours, capturing carbon for decades to come, slowing abrupt climate change.

Building on experience planting 20.000 trees so far since 2014, in our most recent field campaign in 2020 we planted 4.060 trees. Our next work includes establishing a new greenhouse in Narsaq to propagate Greenlandic cuttings and seeds, reducing the cost and carbon emissions of shipping from Iceland, while involving the Greenlanders. 

Greenland Trees mission:

  • to maintain a service to drawdown atmospheric CO2 into new forests;
  • to partner with Greenlandic society, emphasizing youth engagement and education,
  • to restore the landscape in a heavily degraded former military base and other urbanized environments;
  • to increase biodiversity;
  • to support forest research;
  • to have a positive environmental legacy;
  • and to do so with full transparency, as part of a registered charitable organization.

Our partners