A call to action

Let’s face it… In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, humanity urgently needs to draw down atmospheric carbon levels. Our charitable organisation, run by scientists, reduces atmospheric CO2 by planting trees in southern Greenland where people have already planted trees that thrive today. Join us and your trees will stand beside ours, as we capture carbon from the atmosphere for decades to come, slowing abrupt climate change.

We just returned from a successful 2019 field campaign in which we planted 5000 trees! Nearly all of our planting was within an arboretum that is the former heavily degraded military base in Narsarsuaq. Based on our success in 2019 and in past years, we’re now planning for 2020 when our aim is to scale up our planting.  Join us!

Our mission

1) supplying a carbon drawdown service to the public by planting in permanent sanctuaries where people have already planted trees that thrive today;

2) partnering with Greenlandic society, emphasizing  youth engagement and education;

3) landscape restoration in a heavily degraded former military base area and in other urbanized environments;

4) increase bird and tree biodiversity;

5) supporting forest research; 

6) have a positive environmental legacy.

Why Greenland Trees?

1) reduce atmospheric carbon concentration

2) give back to nature

3) inspire and educate youth

4) increase biodiversity

5) increase Greenland employment possibilities

6) increase environmental awareness

7) We are a transparent organisation.

Our partners