A call to action

Science fact: In addition to reducing carbon emissions, humanity urgently needs to draw down atmospheric carbon. Our charitable organisation, run by climate scientists, reduces atmospheric CO2 by planting trees in southern Greenland in a climate where trees can thrive. Take action now and your trees will stand alongside ours, as we engage Greenland youth and draw carbon from the atmosphere for many decades to come, slowing down abrupt climate change.

In our first year – 2019 – we set out to plant 5.000 trees in south Greenland. This will take place in late August and early September, in the vicinity of the town of Narsarsuaq. In our first year, we focus on quality, not quantity, as we optimize our techniques and increase local involvement. In coming years we will run larger campaigns, budget permitting, planting several tens of thousands of trees each year for a large carbon drawdown.

Our mission

Our mission is to establish a carbon drawdown service that engages Greenlandic youth and provides a platform to sustain our forests for the next century. We promote our cause while we document our progress. Our legacy is set by planting sustainable forests in southern Greenland where trees thrive today.

Why Greenland Trees?

1) We draw down carbon

2) We engage locals

3) We inspire the youth

4) We boost biodiversity

5) We increase the job potential

6) We create awareness

7) We are a transparent organisation

Our partners