A call to action

Let’s face it. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, humanity urgently needs to draw down atmospheric carbon. Our charitable organisation, run by climate scientists, reduces atmospheric CO2 by planting trees in southern Greenland in a climate where trees can thrive. Take action now and your trees will stand alongside ours, as we engage Greenland youth and draw carbon from the atmosphere for many decades to come, slowing down abrupt climate change.

Our mission

Our mission is to establish a carbon drawdown service that engages Greenlandic youth and provides a platform to sustain our forests for the next century, promote our cause while we document our progress. Our legacy is set by planting sustainable forests in southern Greenland where trees thrive today.

Our partners

Albatros Travel is a family-owned travel company with a global wingspan
QCon is a conference for professional software developers
Dasht is an ANBI foundation in support of the organic and sustainable movement
Earth Insight is a 501(c)(3) sister organization of Greenland Trees based in the U.S.
The Dark Snow Project gathers ‘hard numbers’ from the Arctic to quantify snow/ice melting.
Greenland Guidance provides logistics and science support